Case Study

Trade Association Scholarship Program


ADS was tasked with expanding a decades-old scholarship program for a statewide trade association. For many years, the group had awarded merit-based scholarships to children of members entering a 4-year college. Each year, the group gave out an average of $5K to a handful of students pursuing traditional degrees.

In 2022, ADS worked with the board and scholarship committee members to create a secondary scholarship program benefiting trade school graduates who may or may not be going to college but have an interest in the trades, engineering or related fields.


  • Identify and build relationships with schools administrators, department heads and teachers
  • Create a new application and review system, digitizing all entries
  • Create new marketing and PR to promote the new program
  • Increase application submissions
  • Hold a top-tier event in honor of the scholarship recipients with attendance of 100 or more



  • Increased total annual award amount from $5K to $20K (and growing)
  • Developed a streamlined system for collection and review of applications
  • Increased annual submissions from an average of 4 to over 50
  • Increased attendance at annual Scholarship Awards event to 100 with dignitaries
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