Marketing Tune-Up


Even the classics need maintenance.

Without an occasional tune-up, marketing programs can become stale at best and non-functional or damaging in the worst case scenarios.

Many times, companies set marketing plans into motion or hire outside vendors to perform marketing activities and at first, everything looks great. But having a professional with a fresh eye take a look at your array of collateral, events, website, e-mail efforts, social media activity and all prospect and customer interaction can help ensure that you’re firing on all cylinders.

At ADS, we wanted a way to help organizations of all sizes and budgets with a professional Marketing Tune-Up – a 360 degree look at how you’re interacting with the market and a basic plan for re-fueling your tank and boosting performance. ADS will review all of your activities and provide a comprehensive report that includes detailed analysis of your marketing and action steps for addressing areas of concern. An ADS Marketing Tune-Up is your first step in gaining piece of mind or revamping your activities to keep up with changes in the market and in marketing strategies. We can tailor your Tune-Up to focus on just one area if needed and all pricing is customized based on your company size.

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